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Application Process for Graduates or soon to be Graduates of the KIDS, Inc.s School Neuropsychology Post-Graduate Certification Program

Towards the end of the 10-month competency-based training program in school psychology, students in the program will be instructed when to start their application for the optional ABSNP Diplomate in School Neuropsychology Credential. In July, the final month of the training program (unless other arrangements have been made), students in the program will take the 200-item multiple-choice exam used for both the course completion and the ABSNP written exam. Students must pass that exam with 80% correct in order to finalize your application to the ABSNP. Also in July (unless other arrangements have been made), students will have an oral examination based on an actual current school neuropsychological case study presented to an instructor and to an ABSNP Board Examiner. The total one-time fee for the ABSNP Application is $300.00 (this fee only applies to students in the KIDS, Inc.'s School Neuropsychology Post-Graduate Certification Program).

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